Drama Triangle


This week we talk about the Drama Triangle and how we each take on the roles of Victim or Persecutor or Rescuer in the dysfunctional relationships in our lives. Once we recognize how these roles play out in our lives we can better release (forgive) the underlying programs or energies that feel like keep us stuck or trapped!!! Also, we revisit the beautiful Ho’oponopono prayer for the holiday season.

The Power of Forgiveness with Lou Lessard can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Join us as we each learn about the Power of Forgiveness and how it can change not only our own lives but the lives of our families, friends and loved ones as well as all life on earth forever! Each week we will explore how LOVE and FORGIVENESS are intimately connected, how life’s challenges are really blessings, proven effective forgiveness techniques, the forgiveness formula and much, much more!!! Lou will share his personal journey and how his experiences have been and continue to be wonderful catalysts for his growth. The message of love and forgiveness is universal, timeless and is at the core of who we are… it’s in our DNA!!!

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