#4 of 11 – Shaman of Pleasure ~ Conscious Creation

In December of 2017 Living on Purpose Lynn attended a workshop retreat (Love Heals from Within) with 5 other participants through Kalani with guide, heart-based Shaman of Pleasure, Stewart Blackburn.

This is the fourth of eleven short segments from their full conversation at the crescendo of that week, in which Stewart describes his definition of aloha, the pleasure of conscious connection with everything. He also speaks on recognizing the benefits of dropping the habit of criticizing with oneself and others. The conscious creation aspect is looking around and realizing that we have created it. Both the beautiful and the undesired. Paying attention to what is in front of us, we can get an idea of how well we are doing with conscious creation. Taking responsibility!

Stewart is the author of The Skills of Pleasure, and distributes The Pleasure Journal. Stewart has more workshop retreats being offered in 2018, as well as a Mentoring program.

Stewart describes, in The Pleasure Journal ~ Lots of wise and spiritually powerful people have said that this life on Earth is an illusion, that we are living in a dream.  According to this idea, we, as we generally think of ourselves, and the things around us, aren’t real; just the experience is.  I find the idea of everything being a dream intriguing, but not very useful.  I still have my challenges, my pains, my successes, my angers and all the rest of the experiences we all have, illusion or not.

To really integrate the notion that we are creator beings capable of radically changing our lives requires some serious identity management. We need to see ourselves differently and cull the beliefs that we carry that don’t support our new view of ourselves.

To that end, I am starting a Conscious Creation Mentorship Program. I would like to do this instead of some of the workshops I have been holding. If you have an interest in developing your skills of manifestation and creation, I invite you to check out this program. I will start the group mentorship once I get at least 4 people signed up.

These segments of conversation with Lynn and Stewart are recorded by video, and can be viewed on The Shaman of Pleasure YouTube Channel.


About Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson was raised in Ontario in Canada, living in Ottawa through her early school years.  After graduating from McMaster University (Hamilton Ontario) with a B.A. (Philosophy) in 1978, she traveled west by train across Canada with several stops along the way. For many years, Lynn was based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, growing as a writer, photographer, postal courier and radio host. In June 2012, Lynn followed the highway to her roots in Ottawa. Lynn is now based north of Toronto, with her focus on collaborative creative projects including being the editor for numerous writers.

Lynn’s launch into broadcasting began in 2004 on community campus radio in Nanaimo, BC with the talk show Living on Purpose.  Since 2007 Lynn is the Host of Living on Purpose on WomensRadio, offering listeners a nourishing blend of ideas and conversation with guests who include authors, musicians, healers, and philosophers, welcoming both new and established voices.