Not Your Typical Canine Rescue Community


A very special show awaits you this week as Dr. Judy Morgan interviews author, President of KetoPet Sanctuary, and Vice President of Epigenix Foundation, Daniel Orrego, based out of Los Angeles, CA.  The current focus of these organizations is to validate the efficacy of the ketogenic diet and its application in reversing cancer and extending longevity.  While Epigenix focus is on the human element, KetoPet Sanctuary (KPS) is doing something incredible in the canine rescue community.  KPS goes out of its way to rescue dogs with incurable, terminal cancer with a goal to provide groundbreaking cancer therapy as well as a loving forever home for life for each dog instead of writing them off to their fate.  To quote Daniel, “Pursuing a metabolic approach to addressing cancer using nutrition as a central pillar for disease intervention, offers a tremendous benefit, in that it does no harm. In collaboration with Veterinarians, Oncologists and Research Scientists, we continue to validate the anti-cancer effects of nutritional ketosis.“  They’ve been doing this since October of 2014 and the results are astounding.  This is an important show for all Dr. Morgan’s listeners as Daniel shares his work with canine ketogenic diets and how they are optimizing animal health, welfare and quality of life.

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