Exposing the Ego


The ego is nothing more than the false belief in separation, yet it masquerades itself quite ingeniously by appearing as other beliefs, defensive thought patterns, and the very self we believe ourselves to be. In this profound recording by David Hoffmeister, David exposes many of the ego’s most common defense mechanisms, giving us a thorough overview of some of the pitfalls you may face on your awakening journey:

  1. Intellectual fixation
  2. Arrested development
  3. Interpretation traps
  4. Transfer of training limits
  5. Addiction to materialism
  6. Making idols of teachers
  7. The trap of possessions and control
  8. Trap of making a spiritual career

David also highlights the simple and direct path of forgiveness. Here are a few of the topics he shares about to make this path more clear:

  1. “You shall know them by their fruits”
  2. Mentoring by demonstration
  3. Follow the demonstrations of Love and the bringers of the fruits.

This recording was made on September 18th, 2017 in Chapala, Mexico.

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