Closing the Gap – How to Create Unity in a Divided World


Common misconceptions about Unity and Division lead us to believe we are in a hopeless situation.   Our lives at this time are marked by disagreement, confrontation, retaliation,  resistance, argument, struggle, powerlessness and desperation.  Yet in the midst of this whirlwind of opinions, actions, reactions and judgment there is a calmness that is available to any and all who are ready to find it.

Tonight we talk about finding our common threads, the ones that bind us together both as human beings, members of this physical environment, and as divine beings, members of a vast and diverse multi-verse.  Challenging times call for strength and also for the ability to yield. Where is the answer?  It’s inside each of us.

Join us for this discussion and add your energy by calling in.  We are available to offer guidance as well by connecting to your guides and angels for personal messages.

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