Sowing The Seeds of Love


We’re in an age of delusion.  Every person walking this earth is deluded to one extent or another, seeing with their physical eyes and yet, seeing different things. Discussions among the angelic realms and the ones who watch over us have everything to do with the simple yet profound power of Love.  The sowers of seeds of love are those who in spite of the outrage and condemnation, the vile and inexplicable thirst for carnage, the fields are ripe now for love to be sown.  All of you who bring together the anti-Christ consciousness are coming into battle with the Christ consciousness which speaks of unequivocal love; love that endures and that sustains.  Love that provides, shields and protects, love that widens the circle of light to include all.  Our message to you today is to sow seeds of love in every day affairs, with the grocery store clerk; with the cab driver; with the mailman, with the miserable old man who wants to complain every day, to the injured co-worker and the horrible bosses.  All of those people are living examples of delusional beings, and we who are awakened are non-delusional any more.  We must sow love where there is hatred and love rebounds in those hearts to yield great harvests.

Talk-N-Angels with Rita Strough & Michael Gross can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Get your weekly dose of positive love energy from this pair of inspired seekers. Rita is highly intuitive and channels messages from angels, guides and high-vibrational beings of Light. Mike is a full measure of positive thinking, driven forward by practices he develops through his “Be Your Own Wingman” philosophy. Try us out for size and see how you feel after. Guests provide new viewpoints; we always offer advice to callers, and Rita provides psychic messages and answers to your questions with the help of the angelic community. Come have an hour of refreshment and laughs with Talk-N-Angels!

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  1. Yes lets unite the light and bring peace and harmony back, life is too short for anything else