Feminism in All of Its Forms


Join Chloe Bailey, sophomore pre-med student at Washington College and Lora Cheadle, as they discuss feminism in all of its forms. Feminism today looks radically different than the feminist movement of the 60’s or 70’s, which looked vastly different than the suffragette movement. Not only does “being a feminist” mean different things depending on the era, it means different things depending on the part of the world one is talking about. Today’s feminists are more concerned with the underrepresented voices of all humans, regardless of gender, and are expanding the movement to encompass equality for all. As simple and as uncontroversial as this may appear to be on its face, in practice, its quite confusing! Why? Because different people desire different things and because there is no one-right-way of doing things. As Chloe explains, when confronted by a classmate who thinks feminism is a dirty word, how can she honor his belief to dislike feminists, but at the same time spread light, love an information about the plight of women, who truly don’t have the same opportunities as men?

Chloe Bailey is a French and PreMedical student at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. An aspiring OB/GYN, she is very active in feminist think tanks and activist groups both on and off campus.

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