Sheryl Glick interviews Alissia Jayne Thompson


Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Alissia Jayne Thompson author of God Flips Burgers. Alissia is a licensed clinical therapist, personal trainer and contemporary teacher who shares the deep meaning of fun, laughter and childlike innocence, always important energies, needed to feed the heart and soul.

Alissia writes, in 1979, Jane Margaret Byrne became the first female mayor of Chicago. I was a first born; I had no older cousins, nor any cousins for that matter, so I was spoiled. Photos reflect a family unit that loved and cared for me, often captured with smiles and laughter, stuffed animals and strollers. I was blessed to be so adored, so it’s no wonder that this group would come together and marshal their collective creative forces to birth a moniker for me that has stuck to this very day, thirty-six or so years later. The name? Jaynie Burger, as inspired by the newly-elected city official at the time, as well as our common name. I recently asked my mother “why?” She laughed and said, “I don’t know.” I am “The Burger.” I always have been, but for many years I had forgotten.

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