Honoring The Mother and Father in All of Us


How is your relationship with your Mother? What about with your Father? Do your parents embody the archetype of the role that they play, or not? Many of us have conflicted relationships with our parents, and some of that is due to the fact that women who are mothers don’t always embody the archetypal role of mothers, and not all men who are fathers embody the archetypal father.

Today’s show we explore and honor the Mother/Father energy that is in all of us, allowing us to integrated both halves within ourselves, with our relationships, as well as with our own parents. Half-Way Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, let’s step back, breathe, and learn how to balance all that is, in love, peace, acceptance and understanding.

Be sure to visit Lora’s YouTube channel for a FREE meditation on integrating both the mother and the father energy within yourself, and within your world.

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