Thomas and Janine Ling, founders and owners of Kin + Kind


Today Dr. Morgan interviews Thomas and Janine Ling, founders and owners of Kin + Kind natural and organic grooming and wellness products for dogs. Kin + Kind was launched in 2015 as a labor of love for twins Janine and Thomas Ling. They grew up with a menagerie of rescue dogs and worked together in the same pet store throughout high school. Janine went on to open her own pet supply and grooming stores, while Thomas left for college and then Harvard Law School. After a decade as a corporate litigator, Thomas rejoined his sister to pursue their shared passion for dogs and environmental stewardship. Kin + Kind was born from the natural remedies that Janine created for her own rescue dogs, who suffered from severe environmental allergies. Together the twins have expanded the brand to include a complete line of health and wellness treatments.

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