Listening Within, Trusting your Truth


FLAUNT! is all about Listening Within, Trusting your Truth, and Navigating Your World Accordingly

But that still, small voice within is sometimes not so quiet! How would you feel if the Universe suddenly shouted a message to you so clearly that you simply couldn’t ignore it? That’s exactly what happened to Elaine!

Elaine and her husband Joel purchased the Lumber Baron Inn, a ten-thousand square foot Victorian bed and breakfast, built in 1890, in April of 2016. The funny thing was, they weren’t looking to purchase a bed and breakfast, they were looking to purchase a restaurant! But apparently the Universe had other plans. Elaine’s unique spiritual journey began about six months before purchasing the Lumber Baron, when she walked into the home for the first time. Since then, one serendipitous event after another has continued to happen, reminding her that, even though this journey is difficult, event though she is scared and tired and is working harder than she’s ever worked before, she is exactly where the Universe wants her to be.

FLAUNT! Can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

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