A Conversation with Suzanne Lyons


If we could learn to live in a more cooperative way with ourselves and the planet our civilization could quickly solve many of our great problems.  People must learn how to live less violently. If not we are done for personally, in our relationships, and globally.

Problems are at all scales; from the global “war on terror” to our polarized congress, to our personal conflicts and the dysfunctions they produce. Humanity urgently needs to develop real solutions and to move past constant conflict, polarization, and confrontation. Unless we all learn how to cooperate, and soon, we are done for; our own violent, competitive urges and training will destroy us all.
If we really want our world to change, we will begin by changing our children, and learning from how we do that. I know of no better way to begin this process than by teaching our kids about the survival and creative value of cooperation – and there is no better way to do this than by helping them learn the games that Suzanne teaches about.

In this conversation Suzanne and Dr. Miller explore what science has taught us about the effect the games we play as children has had on us. They also discuss games that don’t teach us to compete (where somebody has to be the “Looozerrr”) but to cooperate. There is even a version of musical chairs you will learn that makes people feel closer rather than excluded.

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