Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Hiroshi Yaita

Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Hiroshi Yaita, a world missionary lecturer for Happy Science and speaker for Master Ryuho Okawa, a renowned spiritual leader author of the Heart of Work with a simple goal to help people find happiness and create a better world. Hiroshi Yaita, an attorney with a business career at Mitsubishi Corporation, responsible for international trade will share ways to blossom into your calling to infuse value purpose and devotion into work that feeds your will and spirit showing how to develop a leadership mindset, work with the spirit of love, use the power of rest and relaxation for long-lasting health and vitality. Sheryl asks what inspired Ruyoho Okawa to think about what work means to our lives. He writes, “Having faith in God—or, in other words, being grateful to the Source or Higher Power—is fundamental to doing great work. A willingness to serve a greater purpose and a devotion to God are what make it possible for us to dedicate our life to our calling.”

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“Healing From Within” is a radio series designed to encourage self-investigation and self-mastery of emotions, thought processes of the mind, and how they inform the physical body for greater health. Authors and leaders in the fields of science, medicine, psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, alternative healing modalities, spiritual communication and the arts share their vision and perspectives for a multi-dimensional view of evolution and transformation. Each show offers ways for listeners to align their inner essence with their daily physical life for the purpose of promoting positive experiences. Such results affirm the individual and are reflected in healthier group interactions.

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