Power, Emotion and the Physicality of Both


Emotional Maturity. Personal Power. Those are some pretty big catch phrases, but what exactly do they mean? Especially now, in times of some pretty heavy political stress, what does it mean to express emotions in a healthy manner, to own your own power, to use your own power and to not error on the side of either being a doormat or aggressive.

Join Lora as she discusses power, emotion and the physicality of both. Using the techniques of François Delsarte, who developed a method of acting that connected the inner emotions of the actor with the physical movements and gestures that people who naturally expressing that emotion used, Lora works with her clients on a physical level, as well as on an emotional level, in order to facilitate change.

When we seek to change our emotional state, we need to physically embody the emotional state of that which we are wanting to become. Yes, we need to change our thoughts and our mind too, but we also need to change our movements and process using our bodies.

Learn how emotions impact our bodies, how our bodies impact our emotions, and how we can help control one, by manipulating the other!

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