Healing Through the Power of the God Within


A Conversation with Ibrahim Jaffe, MD

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a medical doctor whose eyes were opened to a much deeper form of healing than addressed in Mainstream Medicine. His mind was opened during his training in Internal Medicine, when he witnessed jaundice and ascites vanish before his eyes as a group of Rabbis healed his apparently terminal patient – using doves!!!

Listen to this compassionate, intelligent, dedicated physician as he describes this and some of the other remarkable experiences as he traveled the world studying approaches that went beyond treating symptoms to treating the true source of illness. Unwilling to be satisfied with healing techniques that were merely miraculous, Dr. Jaffe’s quest was to find a way that the power to heal could be owned and used by the patient, rather than being a passive recipient.

He found what he was looking for in the approaches of a particular form of Sufism. Together we will probe the fundamental principles of its wisdom teaching, and how we can, through guiding our thoughts, images, and beliefs, remove the blockages to the healing energy that exists deep within us.

Finally Dr. Miller will guide you on a personal journey in imagery to apply these tools in your life now –Becoming One.

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