Setting Up Goals and Plotting World Domination


What goals do you want to accomplish this year?  How are you going to turn your dreams into realities?  In this episode, we are going to identify key industry goals, give you a couple of pointers of how to achieve them and we also have a special sponsor with a giveaway.

Thanks to Catherine Pooler and StampNation!


Giveaway and Contest

Identify Your Goals

  • Write down your goal and put it somewhere you can see it every single day
  • Create the list of what you need to do to obtain that goal
  • Make a timeline or priority list of that list
  • Mark them off when you have completed them so you can see your progress

What are some of your goals you want to achieve this year?

  • Get better at taking photos
    • Take a class at your community center
    • Online tutorials for your camera or phone
    • Buy a light box
    • Take photos during the day instead of at night
    • Clean your camera lens
  • Start your own YouTube channel for how to videos
    • Research software and editing techniques
    • Purchase a microphone for voice overs
    • Watch “how to” videos on YouTube
    • Use Facebook Live or Periscope to do some practice runs
    • Find 2 or 3 or your favorite YouTube hosts and write down what you like about their videos
      • Style
      • Intro
      • Length
  • Get on your DREAM Design Team or apply to be on your first one 
  • Build your crafting community and find new crafty sisters
  • Start your own business
    • Define the type of company you want to start
    • Build your following
    • Start a Facebook Group focused around the idea and concept of your new company
  • Be a Product Influencer
    • Make a list of your favorite products
    • Start blogging about them
    • Use them on your projects
    • Tag the company on social media
    • Research and see if they have Product Influencer positions available
    • Approach them and see if they would be interested in your services
  • Sell your cards 
    • Hit up your favorite local boutique and see if they want to sell your cards
    • Create cards that will complement their shop and products they sell
    • Host in-home boutiques for your family and friends
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