Nutrition and Natural Cures Part 1 with Hattie

Show host Rachel Moore and her guest Hattie McCutcheon has a conversation about “Nutrition and Natural Cures.” Hattie is a Certified Practitioner of Natural Medicine and a Nutritional Coach understands first hand the pain of loosing a loved one to an illness that could have been prevented.  Listen in on Part 1 to learn how to reverse natural deficiencies and add longevity to your life.


Show Guest:

Hattie’s passion for healing began at the early age of 7 years old after losing her mother to a illness.  Hattie vowed to find the root cause of her mother’s early death.  Through research, she discovered that the illness was directly linked to a natural deficiency.  Now, her mission is to help prevent premature death of others and of their loved ones.  Hattie provides nutritional information and resources to any who desires to naturally thrive in their health. Some of her nutritional training is influenced by Dr Joel Wallach, the Author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.

Hattie is a Certified Practitioner of Natural Medicine and a Nutritional Coach.  She is the owner of two Holistic Wellness Centers, one  of which is located in Chicago, Ill since 2010. She is in the process of establishing another center in Philadelphia. Pa. Through the Holistic Wellness Centers, she and her staff work with clients to reverse and prevent over 900 diseases.  They use energy natural healing sources, vitamins, and mineral supplementation. Their motto is 90 for Life.

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