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Befriending Money on Purpose with Lynn Thompson

Befriending Money on Purpose with  Lynn Thompson

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My name is Lynn Thompson and I am also known as Living on Purpose Lynn.
In these few pages I am going to write about money. I hope you enjoy reading these ideas, maybe some of them will be familiar to you. I hope there’s a few things you haven’t heard before. Because the whole point of this is to feel like I’m contributing and I’m offering you some benefit.

Most people realize they have a relationship with money, and it may or may not be friendly. If you are befriending a person, you say “Hi” and you greet them and you’re happy to hear from them, and they’re happy to hear from you. I’ve given a lotof conscious thought studying and educating myself with many people, either by observing them, reading books or going to courses.

I know it makes a difference how I talk about money, how I think about money, how I handle money, how I manage money, how I give money, how I feel when I am receiving money. Saying “Thank You” and being grateful. Because I know all of these elements make up the mix of how I am feeling about myself, my position in the world, my place in society, my role in community. And so, I know it makes a difference. And I know that I am not alone, I know that each of us, with our relationship with money, we experience that as a friendly thing sometimes, as a fearsome thing sometimes. So, how can we find a way, how can each of us find that way, to befriend money on purpose, and make it really a fun and a playful, colorful part of our experience of Life, of being on this Journey? Each of us has involvements in business, in sales, in non-profits, in volunteering. Even if money is not a prominent part of the purpose of an organization, it still plays a role, people are still feeling about money, one way or another. So, let’s feel good about money.

Saying, seeing the word, Money, creates an energy, it creates a sensation. Each of us has times when we’re not sure about having enough money, or, when we have more money than we know what to do with, it’s possible to not be comfortable with that, either. And why would that be?

Each of the choices that I make with money, how I’m thinking about money, and talking about money, include do I pay with cash, or debit or credit? I pay with cash as often as I can. I love the feeling. It’s straight up. There’s nothing hidden about it. The cash is the cash. When it’s debit, who knows how much is in your account, if it’s my last twenty dollars? When it’s credit, I might be almost maxed out, or I might have a fresh credit card with a high spending limit.

Someone said recently that a person’s wealth used to be so much more visible. They had so many cows or so many horses, or so much acreage with their farm. It was clear what their status was. Slowly that has become much less visible. There are outward signs, but someone can look like they are doing really well, and yet they can be in a lot of trouble. Then you hope that no one notices, or that they’re not watching too closely, or that some how you’re going to have a bail-out at some point and no one’s going to have to know that you were in trouble.

I’ve been in so many different places with money. I’ve had a lot of money, I’ve had very little money. I’ve managed to live very simply. I’m really grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had and that I continue to have to be in different places on the planet, to contribute and receive, feel like I’m making a difference through the many services that I love to offer people.

Money has a way of being kind of a free agent. And we attach so much importance to it, and such a sense of worthiness. Oddly enough, even when a person has a lot of money, they can still feel unworthy of having that much money.

There’s so much to explore.

Many of us are still hoping to crack that code of, what exactly is this energy of money? It’s just paper and coins. So, what is it about this form of exchange?

The smallest piece and the foundation of the economy is the proud penny. And often we see a penny lying on the ground. Why would it be that the denomination of a coin that you see most often on the ground is a penny? Do you think it fell out of somebody’s pocket and they thought, “Oh it’s just a penny, I’ll leave it for someone to feel lucky when they see it”? When I see a penny, or a nickel, or a quarter, or even one time I saw a five-dollar bill on the ground, I say, “Hello money! Welcome to my life.” Because money doesn’t have anyone’s name on it, unless it’s in their hand, or it’s in their bank account with their name on it.

I’d like to give credit to some of the people who have contributed so much to my education about money. And some of these have been through observation. Starting close to home, of course would be my parents, my grandparents, and my aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings, nieces and nephews. Everyone demonstrates by how they talk about things, how they keep track of things or they don’t keep track of things, how they spend money or they don’t spend money, how they feel free to spend money, to invest, to purchase.

Bill Farr is a mentor. One thing that stands out for me in what he said is, “Lynn, there’s always a form of exchange. Whether that’s money or service, it’s important for there to always be an exchange of energy.” Because you can feel it. If you feel that something feels just right, or it’s not quite enough, or it’s too much, there’s a resonance. Part of that is being sensitive to that.

Gloria MacDonald of Toronto says, “I haven’t paid anyone in 6 years, I bless them with money.”

T. Harv Ecker created the Millionaire Mind Intensive, and a series of programs connected with that which is the main course that a lot of people know. It’s through the Millionaire Mind Intensive where a lot of the focus is put on the money blueprint, what our beliefs are about money, and how that forms so much of our sense of ourselves and how our life unfolds. It was in that course where any time you see money that you find on the ground, you immediately say, “I’m a money magnet!” and I’ve been saying that for years now. I love that. It’s a good feeling. I also like, “Hello money. Welcome to my life!” And I watched a video of his recently, talking about how his journey in life has brought him to where he is, how he had five dollars one time. It’s funny, because I had just been thinking this too, this happened to me as well. Years ago, I remember so clearly sitting in the car that I was driving at that time, parked and thinking, “Okay, I have five dollars” and he just said that too, in this video, “I have five dollars, is it going into my car or for food?” It felt good, because each of us has this journey where we come to this place where we go, “Okay, what happens now? How do I go forward from here, with what little I have?”

And part of it, I think, is being grateful, and being willing to contribute. Being willing to contribute even more than I’m receiving. Which is interesting because one thing I’ve heard is that it’s important to have more coming in than going out. You hear that someone’s a millionaire, and you think, well that’s a static thing, that person is a millionaire. Well, that person could actually be in more debt than me, because they have more going out than coming in.

Jerry and Esther Hicks have written many books. One of them is Ask and It is Given. In that book is a great exercise. Having a bill of fifty or a hundred dollars in your wallet, as you are going through your day, and imagining where you could spend that money. And you might spend that hundred dollars like ten times, so by the end of the day… or not just spend, right? You could invest it, or you could contribute, or give it, or yes, spend it. At the end of the day, you are able to think, “Wow, I was able to spend one thousand dollars today.” It’s this feeling of expansiveness; one of the expansive ideas I mentioned in the title here. And it does offer you a feeling of foundation, a feeling of abundance, to go through my day with a bill of a hundred dollars intact in my wallet. And speaking of my wallet, what about yours? Do you have your money carefully organized in a wallet or a purse? Do you have your coins scattered around the house, or are they all collected in one place?

I was talking with my friend about befriending money on purpose. She said, “I would like a lot of money to appear in my life.” I said, “Well, that sounds great. Maybe we can bring that to ground a little bit and talk about how you feel about money that you have right now. Are you grateful for everything you have, or are you more focused on what you don’t have and what you wish you had? And do you know how much money that is?”

Cindy Briolotta with Play the Prosperity Game. She has these blank cheques from the Cosmic Bank of Universal Love. I love having these cheques with me and having a conversation with somebody, about, “Well, how much extra a month would you like, or as a lump sum would really make a difference to you right now?” And some people they only want a thousand. Some people ask for the standard million, or more, or less. But it’s always one of those recognizable numbers, like 250,000 or 500,000. What I really have been having fun with lately is paying on my credit card multiple numbers, like 555.55 or 1,111.11 or 444.44. It just feels so much more fun. And then, you could write on your blank cheque from the universe, 5,555, why not?

One of the things with Cindy’s Prosperity program is she sends an email once every few days, with an increasing amount of money in random numbers, and you go through as series of questions, like How does that feel? Did it seem like too much, did it seem like too little?

Shari Molchan on Vancouver Island, she was the one who helped me years ago recognize that getting out of debt is not a goal. In my thinking, at the time, “If I can get out of debt, then everything’s great.” The thing is, if you think of using your money muscles for exercise, it gets much more into a work out when you get beyond the debt, when you get beyond the bills that are being paid, or the companies that are being contributed to for the investments that you’re making into your life, then you need to really get creative. Then you have projects to work on, you have more contributions to society that you have the opportunity to make. You have savings, your own investments for your future, to make sure that things are going to keep rolling along and that you’re not going to just spend it all.

There’s so much to talk about and I can only hope that this is a starting place.

And when you receive money, if you think it’s so much less than what you need, do you discount it or minimize it or think, “Oh, that’s just so far off the mark of what I need.”? Or do you see it as evidence that good things are coming your way? I know that good things are coming my way. I am so willing to receive, I am so willing to contribute. The whole point of this exercise is to feel like I am making a difference to you and that you are feeling a benefit from simply reading these pages.

Included in this writing that you are reading today is a 15-minute call that you can arrange with me. I would love to hear your ideas, your responses, what resonated with you in reading this, what you don’t agree with, what you think I’ve missed. I would love to hear all of this.

This writing is a brief introduction to the pilot project that I am offering called Befriending Money on Purpose Every Day. This will be a series of experiments personalized to you from where you are right now to help you feel that you are making progress on your life journey, in your relationship with money. I will do those experiments along with you. Some of them I have done already, I will do them again. The pilot project is for a short period of time. I’ve heard that twenty-one days is a good amount of time to focus on a new behaviour, a new pattern of action, to make it effective for you. So, let’s keep this focused, three calls in three weeks. There’s some flexibility on time. You can start when you want. It’s not a course that is starting at a particular time. You’ll have three one-on-one calls with me for 30 minutes each. It actually includes two other calls because once you decide that you’d like to do this, we’ll have an introductory call, and then at the end, following the three official calls, we’ll have a fifth call for our review of the process.

This was a really important piece for me, when I realized that it’s important to be happy: Now. Not Later, and not to have my happiness or my sense of meaning in my life be hinged to a certain event or activity, or “When That happens, then I’ll be happy.” It really makes a difference, in all areas of my life, how I feel about it. By being happy Now, which is the only time there is, there is no Later, there actually is no Before, it’s all Now, it’s all happening Now.

Thank you for listening to my musings on Befriending Money on Purpose – Free Expansive Ideas for Growing on Your Life Journey.  My name is Lynn Thompson. To arrange our free 15-minute call, you can reach me by email at and let me know the best time in your schedule. If you’d like to hear more about the pilot project, and you feel it’s a fit for you, we can talk about that.

Update: December 2018 ~ the pilot project is launched! Are you ready for your flight? Let’s talk.


Lynn Thompson
November 15th, 2017

About Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson was raised in Ontario in Canada, living in Ottawa through her early school years.  After graduating from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) with a B.A. (Philosophy) in 1978, she traveled west by train across Canada with several stops along the way. For many years, Lynn was based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, growing as a writer, photographer, postal courier and radio host. In June 2012, Lynn followed the highway to her roots in Ottawa. Lynn is based in Aurora (north of Toronto) since 2018, happily involved in collaborative creative projects and editing for numerous writers.

Lynn launched into radio broadcasting in 2004 on CHLY in Nanaimo, BC (community campus station) as host and producer of talk show Living on Purpose. Since 2007, Living on Purpose is featured on WomensRadio, where Lynn offers listeners a nourishing blend of ideas and conversation with guestsauthors, musicians, healers, and philosopherswelcoming both new and established voices.