Using Snark the Right Way

CAUTION: This podcast episode is all about snark.  If you are easily offended, I highly recommend checking out one of our other podcasts.  If you plan on listening with children in the room, I would wait until they are busy playing or put on head phones.

On today’s podcast, we are going to be discussing the wonderful world of snark and all the silliness that goes with it.  Now, Snark isn’t for everyone so it’s very important to fully understand the what, why, who, how and where behind it.


What is snark? Simply put, it is sarcasm.

Using Snark the Right Way

  • Know your audience
  • Understand the difference between Snark and Crude
  • Make sure you are selling it appropriately and respectfully
  • If you are selling your snarky cards, hide the sentiment on the inside as a special surprise
  • If you are on a Design Team, the sentiment should be on the outside OR take a picture of the card ensemble before you tape the inside to the card

Why Should You Use Snark

  • It’s funny
  • Lighthearted
  • Can alleviate fear

Who Should You Send It To

  • Test it out on family members and friends who have a sense of humor
  • Understand the person before you send it

My Favorite Snarky Stamp Companies

Where Can You Share Your Snarky Cards

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Suzanne Moore is the owner of So Suzy Stamps in Northern New Mexico. Specializing in snarky stamps, she brings a brings a sassy and fun flavor to the crafting industry as well as her podcasts.

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