Learning to Dream Again with Tom Ingrassia


What are the dreams and wishes you remember having as a child?  Do you still remember those dreams and wishes, or have you forgotten them?  We live in a world where many people feel like they have to put aside their dreams, for many reasons.  It takes courage and faith to pick those dreams up again and be your true self in the world.

Kian welcomes Tom Ingrassia of the Motivact group for a one-on-one interview.  Tom’s story is an inspiration: it all started with a fantastic childhood dream that unfolded into a life of unexpected adventures.  Tom is a motivational speaker, meditation facilitator, author, and music manager.  On a previous show, Kian and Tom have coached members of the Brilliant Lightworker Careers group on how they can step out into the world with their gifts and fulfill their dreams.

Brilliant Lightworker Careers can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Brilliant Lightworker Careers: Do you have amazing creative, healing, or spiritual gifts? No matter what you do, you can put your gifts to work and SHINE in a brilliant lightworker career, even if you’re doubting yourself, or are afraid to put your gifts out there. Let’s share and grow together as we explore how we can create an authentic living while helping others and raising the spiritual awareness of our world.

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