Laws of Success Part 1 with Dr. Harris


Listen in as Rachel Moore and her guest Dr. Herbert Harris, an Author and Success Teacher as they discuss “The Laws of Success.”  Dr. Harris has a workbook on Achievement  Motivation, designed to help one achieve their true potential.  Success is more of a science than an art.  There are many success formulas to help you succeed on any level at whatever you choose to aspire to be, do, or have.  This is a good opportunity to get new strategies to reach your life goals.


Show Guest:

Dr. Herbert Harris, a graduate of   Columbia University, is a retired attorney who has  written  numerous  books  including:  How  To  Make  Money  In  Music,  a  highly popular guide book to the music industry, and The Twelve Universal Laws of Success a

best-selling personal development book  with over 700,000 copies in print that has been translated into many languages including Chinese, French, Italian, Portugese, Romania, Saudi Arabian, and Spanish.

Harris  also  developed  Achievement  Motivation,  an  interactive  personal  skills development course designed to help students achieve the true potential.  Herbert is in high demand as a consultant, speaker, and Master Network Marketing Trainer.

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