Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want


Ecomind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want – A Conversation with Anna Lappe

Do we really have a dangerous climate change underway? Is it man-made or not? Is there anything each of us as individuals can do about it? Huge amounts of money are spent to convince us that there is nothing to worry about, and as President George Bush said after Sept 11, “Whatever you do, don’t stop shopping.”

Today’s guest, widely respected author and educator Anna Lappe, disagrees with Faux News and others who disclaim the “Climate Change Hoax” of the scientific community. Known for her work as an expert on food systems and as a sustainable food advocate, Anna shares with us her belief that ideas have enormous power and that humans are capable of changing failing ideas in order to turn our planet toward life.

In this revealing conversation we try to identify the core, often unspoken, assumptions and forces now taking our planet in a direction that, as individuals, none of us would choose. We look beneath the wasteful and superficial “consumer frenzy,” to see that consumption is a wonderful window into our feelings of empowerment, security and connection, and beyond technology fixation to see the importance of relationships in the change we want to make.

Anna shares with us the power of our mental frames, how we have been programmed to believe in the myth of corporate power, and how we can, instead, dispel the helplessness and hopelessness we have been trained to feel, and bring our true power forth. Through her Small planet mission Anna teaches people that they need no longer disparage their actions as “mere drops in the bucket.” Once we’re able to see the “bucket,” we realize our drops are quite spectacular.

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