Selling Your Handmade Cards




On the So Suzy Podcast we will be exploring and demystifying the crafting industry’s greatest mysteries! From how to increase your sales, finding your card making style, to getting out of your creative rut.  For this episode, we are going to be doing some brainstorming on selling your handmade cards to make some extra money, how to set yourself apart from the competition and taking a look at some of the industry’s leading ladies who are doing it right!

In Home Open House

Example of In Home Open House


Show Notes and Links

  • Think outside of the box as to WHERE you can sell your cards
  • Identify the needs of WHO will be buying them
  • Set yourself APART from the competition
  • Make EXTRA money because of the extra attention to detail
  • FOCUS on your photographs and presentation
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About sosuzystamps

Suzanne Moore is the owner of So Suzy Stamps in Northern New Mexico. Specializing in snarky stamps, she brings a brings a sassy and fun flavor to the crafting industry as well as her podcasts.

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  1. WomensRadio says:

    wonderful first episode, Suzanne! looking forward to hearing more from you as the podcast progresses :)