Tantra Talks #1: What Is Tantra



In this Tantra Talk, Yolanda Shoshana breaks down tantra what tantra is. There are so many myths surrounding tantra which scare people away for it. Tantra isn’t about orgies and black magick which is what the Western Culture tends to think. It’s about love, light, and it can shift a person’s life to bring in more ecstasy and pleasure. Who doesn’t want more of what in their life? Also find out about what Yolanda Shoshana coins as Wicked Tantra.

Tantra is good for the mind, body, and soul. If you are ready to shift and shine on a whole other level then add some tantra into your life.  Your relationship with yourself will change. Your relationship with life will be elevated to a higher vibration.


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Tantra Talks with Yolanda Shoshana features the mind expanding philosophy that brings physical and spiritual ecstasy.

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 Yolanda Shoshana  a Witch, Tantra Guru, Lifestyle Expert, and Writer that works with women around the globe to have tantric and magickal lives.  http://www.yolandashoshana.com