Oxidative Stress Why You Need to Pay Attention


Dr. Meaghan, and Wendy discuss what oxidative stress is and how it affects and ages the body. Oxidative Stress is the term used to describe the production of free radicals in the body due to the process of building up byproducts of cellular function faster than your body can manage the byproducts.  This leads to DNA damage and mitochondria damage that leads to increased aging and cell breakdown.  Oxidation occurs in some processes including using glucose for energy, immune system fighting off infections, and the body detoxifying.  This leads to numerous signs and symptoms.


  • What is Oxidative Stress
  • What Causes Oxidative Stress
  • What effect Oxidative Stress has on the body and aging
  • What we can do to combat Oxidative Stress
  • The Role of Oxidative Stress in overall health and wellness

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