Courtney Kravitz, Gun Violence prevention Organizer, Battle Born Progress Institute for a Progressive Nevada

Mass Shootings Are Very Sad
It is sad that a mass shooting like the Orlando nightclub shooting has to happen for the country to be shaken awake. Mass shootings are only a small portion of the gun deaths that happen in this country.

Daily Gun Violence Even Sadder
90 people on average die every day from gun violence! This should not be the norm, and their are a number of actions that can and should be taken.  #enough is enough!

About Courtney Kravitz

She grew up in Southern California and went to University of California,
Irvine where I majored in political science and minored in women studies.
After she graduated, she moved to Boston to work for an Israel advocacy
organization where I organized on college campuses across the country.  She
taught about the importance of community and relationship building across
many different constituency groups and the best tactics for doing so.

She moved to Vegas June 2015 to get involved with a political campaign and is
excited to continue organizing in local politics, especially for an
issue such as important and current as gun violence prevention. With the
2016 election upon us, it is certain that the issue of guns in our society
is going to be a hot bed topic!


About Pat Lynch

Pat Lynch is the Editor of  “Politically Yours.”  She is also the Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of WomensRadio(R), the first site to stream for women and still the oldest continuously streaming site.  WomensRadio(R)  was founded in 1995, in order to give women and other lesser-heard voices, an audible outlet!

She began her career as a Press Secretary to a U.S. Senator and Congressman, then as an Assistant Public Relations Director at a large regional agency in Atlanta, and at the age of 25, began her own PR/Advertising and Marketing company in that city.  From an early age, she was intrigued by the political process, and as she began to acquire more public relations and marketing skills, began to run and win political campaigns at all levels — local, state and national.  The firm later specialized in real estate, and Pat was the first person to introduce real estate developers to the opportunity of using radio and television to promote their products.

From the beginning of her career, she participated in and contributed her talents to  local, regional and national not-for-profits.

She is a frequent speaker on the value of opening the media to women’s voices and creating new communication bridges to the future.

To inquire about becoming a Contributor at “Politically Yours,” or if you would like to ask Pat to speak for your event, please contact Kat Barrett (Kat@women-corp.com) or call 888 658 4635 ext 240.