Moms Clean Air Force


Dominique Browning, Co-founder and Senior Director

Don’t ya love it? Moms Clean Air Force is a community of moms and dads uniting against air pollution, including the urgent crises of our changing climate, all to protect children’s health. They arm members with reliable information and solutions through online resources, articles, action tools and on-the-ground events. Addressing issues ranging from asthma to the Clean Air Act to mercury to heart health, they are helping us all. Little known factoid? 1 in 10 American women of childbearing age have potentially dangerous levels of mercury in their bodies. This means that, conservatively speaking, 410,000 US children are exposed to dangerous levels of mercury in the womb each year. I care about our children because they are our future. Join me to find out what this dynamic, passionate organization is up to and how we might be able to join the air force! This show made possible due to the generous support of Habitat for Humanity.

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