The Authors Show presents: “Everybody Cheats”

Our fascination with finding the perfect someone has caused us to settle on a partner that is good enough. Within a few years, we get bored, and we cheat. Although several articles promote cheating as a healthy way to save relationships, the fact is that we won’t cheat if we don’t settle. Everybody Cheats is a non-fiction work that explores the excuses we give for cheating, the real reasons why we cheat, the effect cheating has on society and the benefits of enjoying our single years. The author then concludes that our perfect person does exist, but if we hope to find our soulmate, we must live our lives instead of constantly seeking love. We say we cheat because we’re bored or unfulfilled. However, if we took the time to be single and live our lives, we will be brought to our soulmate. In turn, we can have that fairy tale ending that we all desire, but no longer believe exists. Based on life experience and supported by current trends, Everybody Cheats is a modern, and sometimes humorous look at why we really cheat and the detrimental effects cheating has on society.

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