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About Kala H. Kos

An expert in personal empowerment, Dr. Kos is internationally recognized as a visionary teacher, healer, intuitive, and mentor. Her unique teachings have increased the incomes, success, and personal power of thousands of people globally through an ancient “science of manifestation.”

Kala H. Kos is the author of The 7 Lost Secrets of Ecstasy and Success. How to Awaken Your Inner Power for Love and Riches. as well as co-author of Die Huna-Lehre, published in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Moc Aloha i Wiedza Huny in Poland.

Creator of The Charismatic Woman global program and CEO of The Empowerment Academy, Dr. Kos offers a unique choice of professional trainings, residential intensives, public workshops and teleconferencing classes. Her workshops and speaking engagements enjoy international acclaim.

When not travelling, she enjoys time at home in Hawaii with her husband.
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