Outside of the Box-Guest: Jill Diaz – Professional Horse Trainer

In this podcast I am please to have Jill Diaz- owner of Estancia La Victoria Farm in Aiken, SC  as my guest. Jill is a Professional Horse Trainer specializing in Polo Ponies.  She breed, trains, and makes polo ponies for mid to professional level riders. She uses intuition, physics, and essential oils to help her facilitate the training process.  “I no longer believe that one needs to be stronger, than the horse is stubborn, to get the horse to learn.  I now know and understand how to communicate with my body and energy so that the horse responds.  It has improved both my own body/mind connect and that of my horses.”

About Barbara Rasor

I have been a professional intuitive for over 30 years providing information to clients that help them understand the part of self that keeps them from becoming congruent and successful.   Congruency occurs when what you think and how you feel about a particular moment are on the same page.   Very rarely do I work  with a client who doesn’t already KNOW how to do something, they just don’t know WHY they are not successful.   I bring forth the body conscious and language the perceptions that controls the body conscious.

If you are avoiding your feelings then YOU will be incongruent and will hit a wall that will keep you from success! Learn a new approach  as to how the body conscious communicates along with tools to help you go forward in a single-minded action.