A Zero Carbon Footprint Home

How do you get a zero footprint home? What is the biggest barrier to this? Homes and buildings use 40 percent of energy in the US – an astonishing number but author Sheri Koones shows us another way. Her series of books, “Prefabulous” take you into the unlimited possibilities offered by prefabrication to build incredibly energy-efficient homes that are as beautiful as they are green.  Find out what is different in her latest book, “Prefabulous World” and what builders in Europe are doing that we are not doing here in the US and what would really drive a behavior change. Her books are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes and the planet in their beautiful design (gorgeous photos with lots of detail) and information. This is just part of the reason Robert Redford got involved. She shares that experience and more in this interview.
About Joan Michelson

Joan Bryna Michelson, MBA is CEO, Executive Producer and Host of Green Connections Radio™, a news/talk show about the green economy, featuring women experts.

Joan is an award-winning, creative business and communications leader, public speaker and journalist. She has generated millions in revenue and branding for top companies, government agencies and non-profits, and worked with top media organizations, including CBS News’ “60 Minutes” and the Huffington Post. She also penned an excerpt on women in government leadership for the non-fiction book If Women Ruled the World, published by Inner Ocean Publishing in 2005.  A specialist in the “green” space and a lifelong advocate for women in leadership, Michelson’s work has included Chrysler’s Global Electric Motorcars, the U.S. Department of Energy-Clean Energy Alliance Small Business Partnership, Earth Day Network, the top “green” private equity firm, Deloitte and the National Council for Science and the Environment.  She has earned positive media coverage on Page One of The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, and top coverage in Time magazine, Consumer Reports, and The LA Times, on CNN Money, CBS, “The Today Show.” 

She has been an Adjunct Professor in the Communications and Journalism Department of Columbia Union College in Maryland, and actively involved in the community. She holds a BA from UCLA and an MBA from Baruch College, CUNY in their executive program. As a fun aside, Michelson is a descendant of three prominent siblings: Albert A. Michelson was the first American scientist to win the Nobel Prize (physics, 1907), Charles Michelson was the first White House Communications Director/Press Secretary (under FDR); and Miriam Michelson literally kept the women’s suffrage movement on the front page, as a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Philadelphia Inquirer.