Balance is Bull$h!t

Biba PedronBiba Pedron interviews Luly B, a mom, wife, speaker, consultant and author of Balance is Bull$h!t, which hit Amazon best-seller status within 48 hours of its release. After working for over a decade in corporate America, Luly became an entrepreneur in search of work/life balance. She founded Chispa Marketing in 2006 when her kids were 2 years-old and 6 months. The boutique marketing firm was on its way to surpassing a million dollars in revenue and served a who’s who list of clients, including the country’s largest college and one of the world’s largest wine festivals.

But Luly struggled. Where was the work/life balance? Does it even exist?

In 2012, she restructured the award-winning boutique marketing firm to work around her life’s priorities. She took those experiences in trying to find that perfect balance between her professional and personal obligations and turned it into a movement to help other working women.

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