Titres in Pets, Immune System Drugs and more Hour 1

DrRandyTitres in Pets, Immune System Drugs and Dr Randy tells his personal story and experience with animal communication

  • Integrative medicine and double blind studies
  • Supplement with pets for cancer
  • Discussion of how pet food industry developed in past century
  • Importance of food as basis for health in pets
  • Titres in pets and using in humans and pets
  • Interview with retiredpaws.org vice president Chris Dudan
  • Go to retiredpaws.org to order signed shirts, by Dr Randy and Paul Blaushield
  • Marta Williamson coming to Tucson teaching classes on animal communication
  • Dr Randy tells his personal story about a pet and experience with animal communication
  • White potato not a good source in foods for pets
  • Thermogenic properties of foods for pets
  • Cat with chronic diarrhea
  • FB question about dog and bladder control
  • Acupuncture and laser therapy for treating bladder control in dogs
  • Assisi loops, pulsed electrical magnetic therapy
  • Discussion of immune system drugs for pets
  • Getting boot legged pharmaceuticals
  • Slow release carbs vs fast release
  • High quality foods use less in feeding than cheaper low quality foods that don’t fill animal
  • Feline AIDS and understanding needs of cat
  • Integrative Medicine, following “and” also understanding that western medicine has great treatments that have no complement in natural medicine

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