Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #153

Mariam-Massaro“On Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #153 the 2015 Gaea Star Band present a series of songs and improvs that run the gamut from carefree folk to deep and mystical trance grooves.  We begin with Mariam Massaro on vocals and ukelele, Craig Harris on congas and Bob Sherwood on percussion for the airy snow song “Bidibabu”.  Next up Mariam moves to native flute and Bob to piano for the entrancing “Niobi”, a driving minor key story about a temple guardian cat priestess.  Mariam quotes chants from her girl’s club camp in Fort Smith Arkansas in the ’60’s for the manic, energetic “Flea Fly Flow” in which Bob’s hands are reduced to a blur.  Mariam picks up the acoustic 12-string for the improvisation “Fit For A King)”, a piece that swings from eastern to blues and features a windy, blustery tonality and interesting electronic treatments.  “Fit For A King” is the first part of a tryptich based on three different dreams Mariam had on January 31st, the second of which is the improv “All About The Queen” which continues the languid eastern vibe.  The final piece is “Meeting the Golden Dawn King” and we sign off as morning dawns majestically.”

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