Archives for March 2015

Experience Radical Forgiveness Today!

Colin Tipping talks about “Radical Forgiveness” and how everyone can use this strategy in their lives.

Conscious Creation – Episode #242 – 3/29/2015

Dee is an actress, healer and author having published 5 books: Conscious Creation, The Big E, Bright Light, Wake Up Now! & Getting Stuff.

Traditions & Progress! Flowing in Balance

Some people believe that tradition and progress cancel each other out …

Ted Mahr of Out of this World 1150AM

Join us for our conversation on cosmological topics such as off world help and communication.

Guest Kari Fleskes

Kari Fleskes is Chairman of the Arts Department of the Institute of Applied Metaphysics

What’s Your Natural Intuitive Style?

Everyone has intuition, but are you aware of your own natural style?

In All the Universe There Isn’t Another Earth

So what is the purpose of this great planet?

Meet the Food Babe

Join us to learn what industry and fast food giants Vani Hari has on the run!

Finding Creative Inspiration

What can you learn about your life and your work from an artist?

Ignite the Light

Empowering Children and Adults to Be Their Absolute Best