What Happened When Dr. Love’s Partner Suddenly Died?

I want to introduce you to Dr. Jamie Turndorf, better known on her radio show as Dr. Love.

When your spouse/loved-one/partner suddenly dies right in front of your eyes, and you can’t do a darned thing about it, you certainly don’t expect it to turn into a lifetime bonus of ecstatic love!

I invite you to listen in as Dr. Jamie Turndorf – AKA Dr. Love – reveals how that’s exactly what happened to her, in the most delightful, deeply satisfying and surprising ways.

Love Never DiesIf you’ve ever been filled with grief, or feeling guilt for unfinished business with someone who has unexpectedly passed on, or if you experience feelings of deep loss for a loved one who has left this world, this is definitely for you.

PART 1: click on audio bar above to listen to PART 1.

PART 2: CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2.

Click HERE or on the book cover to get Dr. Jamie Turndorf’s book, Love Never Dies, How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased so you can get more of her amazing information, and experience the simple exercises she shows us with which you, too, can communicate with those who have gone on before you.



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Angela Treat Lyon - Daring Dreamers RadioI created Daring Dreamers Showcase to say to you, “I Dare You!”

I dare you get off your butt!

I want you to move on out of your same-old, same-old, everyday rut, out of your same-old, same-old thinking and habitual doings!

Imagine if you ditched all those ideas and beliefs and opinions and judgements about yourself and “how it is” that keep you stalled and stuck!

It’s time to step forth to create the Dream you’ve allowed to simmer or gather dust at the back of your mind for too long.

AH…maybe you already are creating your dream – woohoo! Great!

I still say “I Dare You!” I dare you step up a notch, or ten notches, or a hundred, and increase your intensity, your commitment and your success! It’s Time to Dream it, Dare it and DO it!

The world needs all of us doing our hearts’ business, our hearts’ love, our hearts’ deepest longing.

I believe we ought to at least try to be at our hottest, deepest, funnest, powerful-est at all times–even when we feel like crap. We need to be doing it Right Now, not later when we feel better or…whatever other excuses we put in front of ourselves.

I believe that if we don’t, we will miss (and maybe even mess up!) our chances for creating–for ourselves as well as others–an experience of a harmonious, prosperous world.

I’m here to Dare You to live free, inspired, creatively and in constant delight.

Why? Because life is long and it’s just not worth it to be bored and disappointed the whole time! Get off your butt and do something delightful and radically out of the ordinary for you. Then do it again – and again!

Here’s what I’m daring to do (especially so because my parents always used to say to me: Little girls should be seen and not heard! So I grew up painfully shy and mousy quiet! Hard to believe now….) –I’m daring to:
1. write books and make artwork that delivers the message of LIVE &  LOVE NOW, and
2. gather delightful people to interview them for entrepreneurial, spiritual and inspirational edification.

I’d absolutely never – that’s N-E-V-E-R – have even considered of doing anything like this when I was the reclusive, pain-avoiding young me! But after seeing how many lives could be improved by the simple act of dreaming, now I’m using my voice to encourage people out of their survival shells and into the broad brilliant beams of their own internal light.

It’s what I think about, dream about, cogitate on, chew on and brew over every single day. It’s part of my soul. I attempt to align every part of my life with it.

I ask you, how are you living your soul’s deepest commitment today?

How are you using your voice, laughter, face, gestures, touch, body language, posture, your resources, money, love, and influence to enhance, expand and unfold your soul?

I dare you! I dare you get out of same-old same-old, if that’s where you’ve been.


I dare you continue, if that’s where you already are.


I dare you make it bigger and better and more fun and more inspiring.


I dare you light up your world. Not THE world, because that’s too overwhelming—just light up your world, and the effects of your commitment and efforts will ripple out and out and out.

My heart’s desire is that you will enjoy the freebies, books, audios, courses, classes, podcasts and interviews I have here at IDareYouRadio.com.

I’m here to Dare You to live free, inspired, in creativity and in constant, continual, brilliant delight!

What one small step can you take today to move forward towards that Dream?