Skin Growths, GI Health in Kittens, and Seizures in Pets

DrRandyHOUR 1: On this week’s show, Radio Pet Vet gives Dr. Randy the weekend off, and welcomes into the studio longtime friend Dr. Julie Mayer. Another expert at integrative medicine, Dr. Julie brings her own humor and medical knowledge to the fast growing listening audience. Topics on the program include skin growths on young canines, GI health in kittens, and seizures in pets to name a few. The Radio Pet Vet crew also talks about the possible influence of Wi-Fi and other signal waves on our pets’ health. To follow Dr. Julie Mayer,  Don’t forget to visit for podcasts, blogs, and links to Facebook and out YouTube channel! You don’t have to wait to ask Radio Pet Vet a question or leave a comment. Our hotline is open 24/7! Just call 888-520-7297(PAWS).

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