Choices & Decisions

Ciracle-Radio-Team-300x225Join Sharon Bar Or, Sue Graywolf and Jim Graywolf as they walk the road of choices and decisions.  Choices and decisions face us every day. Some make them and move ahead – others can get stuck waiting for the perfect answer. How do we navigate through the sea of decisions that face us each day? Especially now. We three hosts have had some major choices and decisions to face over the past few years – and more still coming. We will share how we have dealt, and are dealing, with this. As will our listeners we are certain.

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  1. I make decisions based to the answer to this question: What impact will it have on my life passion? If it is positive, go for it. If it is negative, then don’t do it.

    If it has no impact, then follow your gut.

    If you are asked for a favor from a friend, never be afraid to say no. When you feel your gut reaction, it responds by releasing adrenaline to every cell, including autoimmune systems.Your constant altruistic attitude, accompanied by your body’s reaction leaves you defenseless against autoimmune disease, including cancer. It is the fear of losing this persons’ love or respect.

    The mind/body is powerful.