Healing Cancer: A Conversation with Maggie Creighton

Dr. MillerAs part of our new series on “Healing Cancer,” Dr. Miller will interview Maggie Creighton, a near legend in cancer self-care. Now, you may not recognize that name right off, but if you have heard of support groups for cancer patients, you are aware of some of her contributions.

Back in the 1970s, Dr. Miller was hard at work developing and teaching his holistic approaches to human health care and healing in the then-emerging field of mind-body medicine. At the same time, back in Dallas, Texas, the extraordinary Carl and Stephanie Simonton were using similar techniques, such as meditation, imagery, and cognitive restructuring.

Although Dr. Miller’s work and teachings explored the power of these mind tools across the entire range of human physical, mental, and emotional illnesses, Carl and Stephanie had narrowed their focus, applying these tools to the single, very important illness we call Cancer. Soon they were joined by Maggie and Jim Creighton, who could also see that by changing the way people looked at their cancer – by changing the mental images people held of what it was that was harming the health and balance of their bodies, they could change the outcome of their illness.

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