Buddhist deity Green Tara

Rita Strough and Michael GrossTonight, we speak about the Buddhist deity Green Tara.  Here is her message: To see within each other the beauty that is you, this is my message to you tonight.  See yourselves as reflections of one another, in different bodies, with different personalities but all desiring the same:  Loving acceptance and peace in your hearts,  The freedom to follow your dreams and the courage to push through failure and obstacles.  I will enlighten your heart as you proceed further on your journey by making you aware of your God given right to freedom and passionate action in pursuit of that dream you hold so close in your heart.  For even those of you who are so mired in muck that you cannot rise above to see the sun coming over the horizon, have faith there is hope ahead for you and little by little I will bring you out of this world of delusion and into the face of light, love and understanding.  All in time and done with compassion you are changing now into who you wish to be.  Relieve your hearts of worries and let me light your way, giving you my healing love energies to help guide you.  My name is Green Tara and I am emerging.

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