Archives for September 2014

How to Play a Bigger Game with Patti Cotton

An interview with Patti Cotton on specializing in goal-oriented adult development to help professionals sharpen their leadership skills.

Lorene Benoit, author of The Paw Paw Program

A Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer …

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #128

Features Mariam on acoustic guitar, lead vocals and ukelele, Tom Fair on classical guitar …

Why Nature is so Healing

Giving thanks is powerfully uplifting to our spirit …

Conscious Creation – Episode #216 – 09/28/2014

Dee is an actress, healer and author having published 5 books: Conscious Creation, The Big E, Bright Light, Wake Up Now! & Getting Stuff.

Guest David Wilcock

A system of enlightenment is what David Wilcock’s newest book “The Synchronicity Key” reveals.


Guest Cecil McDaniel is a great teacher of Manifestation.

Causes of emotional and physical imbalances

Stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Let go and trust now

The idea of change is empowering and also anxiety-causing …

The Magic of Aging

A process of gradual enlightenment with John C. Robinson, Ph.D.