The Evolution of Healing

Ciracle-Radio-Team-300x225Join Spirit Twins, Sharon and Jim Eaglewolf as we talk about the evolution of healing and what works best now.

We spoke of healing as a hollow bone in our last show, now we will explore the need for partnering and teamwork and a true holistic approach to healing ourselves and helping with others because it’s the time of the circle. We each need to implement our own healing technique, but the energy and resources of others are now more important than ever. Approaching healing holistically has even changed – now we must address all parts of ourselves simultaneously, not just where disease presents. And not just all parts of our inner selves but also to be a tube to energies from the Universe; Earth Mother, Father Sky, animal guides, ancestors. Healing is evolution because of the need for mutual work of all elements, in the stream and the flow of all generations.

We need to bring balance to the healing work as hollow bones by changing our perspective over the uses of Western Medicine and to release the unbalanced dependence on it, while entering natural and natural medicine and healing energies not just when we are in dis-ease but as a way of life for healing is a wider and limitless relationship beyond what we all have thought so far. So, are you ready to change things? Are you ready to take a part in this healing journey?

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