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CindyCarterCindy Carter, co-founder and President of the Cancer Support Foundation in Maryland is seeing something new in the cancer landscape.

With medical treatments turning what was a terminal diagnosis, cancer is now being termed a chronic disease. Those who have been diagnosed with cancer are living longer and that is desirable by any standard. However, there are social and financial ramifications appearing like never before.

With the changes in the health care system of higher deductibles and oral cancer treatment rather than infused treatment together with less social and financial support available through national cancer organizations and drug companies, there is a crisis arising.

Since we are all touched by cancer; past, present and future, hiding our head in the sand is not a good answer. We are creative beings and can only use our intelligence to solve problems when we lay the problem out and really see it.

Cindy is giving us the opportunity to begin an education process that may just save our sanity when we are walking with someone with a chronic disease like cancer.

The goal of the Cancer Support Foundation is to ensure that everyone undergoing cancer treatment in the State of Maryland is able to maintain stability in all areas of their lives. When they began in 2005 they thought that would mean taking patients out to a movie, dinner or a walk through the park. How wrong they were! And yet they did not stop. Cindy and her team are a great example for all of us of what can be done.

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What Can You Do?

  • Realize that the world is changing and that you have the opportunity to participate.
  • Where you put your time, money and attention will determine what we leave for your children.
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