When children are happy, they thrive!

Kids4Love_image003Our Practitioner Guest: Wendy Fachon is a Master Storywalker and Netwalker. She presents after school learning adventures for Child Opportunity Zone (COZ) programs around Rhode Island. She combines walking and storytelling into a light-spirited approach to teaching physical fitness, creative expression, and environmental stewardship.

THE ANGEL HEART is Wendy’s first children’s book. She has published a story CD, Fiddlesticks: Nature and Nonsense, and she contributes articles to Finding Spirituality, ecoRInews, and Natural Awakenings Magazine.  She keeps several blogs, and manages three websites that focus on Children’s Health and Education issues – netwalking.com,wakeuppeople.org, and netergetics.com

For children to thrive and be happy, a strong sense of security forms the foundation upon which they build their lives.  This means a loving home in a safe neighborhood, caring neighbors, and a kind schooling environment.  Children are truly nurtured in an environment where love, care, and kindness are modeled by adults and older children.  When a child comes from a home where there is a lot of fear, depression, anger, abuse, or neglect, it is all the more important that the child be able to get support from friends and adults in the neighborhood, at school, in afterschool programs, and/or in local church communities.

Security or safety is also created by setting boundaries.  Boundaries that are not too rigid, yet are clearly delineated and explained, make children feel safer. Children thrive when they have the freedom to roam, run around outdoors, and explore, yet they feel braver and safer when they know an attentive adult is supervising and keeping a general eye on the area and the activity.

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