The Physiological Effects of Prayer, Meditation, & Ritual

dr-leslieDr Leslie is Co Hosted on today’s show by Gagan Hunter. Together they will share about the physiological effects of prayer, meditation and ritual, how prayer impacts your physical health by helping you relax and relieve stress, how your body reacts to prayer and meditation, how prayer affects healing and can be beneficial in pain management. AND how prayer needs to be rightly focused for your best outcome! Learn how on today’s show.

Wave of Fire
Jill Mattson joins the conversation to discuss how prayer and meditation brings balance and harmony to your life, when directed intentionally. Jill’s passion is studying antiquity. She has extensively researched ancient traditions that used sound to transform people’s consciousness and heal their mind, body and spirit.

Plus… Judy Satori will call in to add to the conversation, and bring forth another amazing activation for peace and support through Spiritual Language.”

Dr. Leslie is a host with Dreamvisions 7 Radio, and can be heard weekly on their live programs and in archives on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network website.

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