“If You Build It…” Mystery, Magic, and Manifestation

Janet Kessenich-newDwier Brown played Kevin Costner’s father in Field of Dreams – a five-minute culminating scene where the mystery and magic of the cornfield baseball diamond bring about a redemptive moment for father and son. Since the release of the movie twenty-five years ago, countless people have recognized Dwier Brown and shared their personal stories of seeing the movie and being inspired to reconnect with their own fathers. “If You Build It…” is Dwier’s recounting of these stories, as well as his own story of making the movie and of his coming to terms with his relationship with his father who died shortly before the filming began.

Field of Dreams is interwoven with spiritual themes of redemption, intention, manifestation and magic. Dwier Brown and I will explore the heart and soul of Field of Dreams and the legacy it has brought to Dwier’s life and the lives of many people around the world.

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