Underwater video, world traveler, pioneer – Chuck Nicklin

Chuck Nicklin A surprising encounter with a whale and good fortune led Chuck Nicklin to pioneering work in underwater video. For decades he filmed blockbusters such as the Abyss and For Your Eyes Only, to name only two, while crafting a career but it was his determination to be a “good guy”, patient and willing to share, that brought lasting success. He’s mentored a generation of divers and film makers like Howard Hall and his son, National Geographic photographer, Flip Nicklin. After retiring Chuck and his wife, Roz, have led tours to exotic lands around the planet and continue to travel.

Chuck shares stories, tips and that he hopes he’ll be remembered for “…not the deep scary stuff with basic equipment but I want my legacy to be the people I helped and steered…and from the reports I get back, I think I did OK.”

His adventures continue at ChuckNicklin.com

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  1. Sound exciting and lots of new experiences

  2. So many wonderful stories. I appreciate Chuck sharing them, and you capturing them, Elaine.