Barbara With Channeling Einstein and The Party

spring12/21/2012 The “End of the World” Channel

Barbara With is an international peace activist, award-winning author and composer, workshop facilitator, inspirational speaker and psychic channel.

Her books include Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & The Science of Compassion, winner of two 2007 national book awards; Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews, winner of the 2008 Beach Book Awards for Spirituality; Party of Twelve: Post 9/11, the true story of her journey to become an emissary for Einstein and The Party; and Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels (Teresa McMillian and Kimberly Lilith Phelps).

EinsteinSpeaks6Together with Teresa and Lily, Barbara helped develop Conflict REVOLUTION, an evolutionary process to create world peace, one person at a time, starting with each individual. Barbara travels the world, sharing her music, channeling, teaching and training Conflict REVOLUTION, including the presentation of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and his Maps of Human Consciousness.

In her own words:

For me, channeling is about getting out of my own way to allow Einstein to use my voice. It feels like I am just talking, except I’m exceptionally extemporaneous and articulate. The information that comes out of my mouth has such a supernatural consistency of thought, a depth of perspective, and multiple layers of information that I have no doubt I experience a merger with the mind of Einstein.

For me, the proof is in the information that is given.  The unified field theory that has emerged is truly brilliant and worthy of Einstein, not someone with only a high school education whose dream was to be a rock star.

To manifest your dreams, you must be willing to pick up your power and do the hard work of self-awareness, self-motivation and self-love. That’s the only way to master the power behind creating your own life and making your wildest dreams come true.

I am deeply honored to be called to serve in this way.

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About BarbaraWith

Barbara With has been a psychic channel since 1987, and has channeled 1,000s of hours throughout the years, and around the world.  Her work channeling Albert Einstein and The Party of 12 has led to the formulation of a unified field theory and maps of human consciousness, as well as a revolutionary process of human evolution called Conflict Revolution. Barbara currently travels the world, teaching, training and channeling Einstein.