Standing Together, Power and Love

Standing Together Episode #2

Women standing together in their Sacred Power of Discernment and Clarity are the key to changing this world. Understanding this intuitive power is valuable and requires an agreed upon agenda. The values of Love and Good for All is our base.

Weaving the World Media knew that women do not have to wait for someone to give them permission to gather.  It came into existence because we knew the value/ necessity of women. We choose to create the space and opportunity for the Magic of Women to happenand not wait until someone recognized the value of Intuition and Love. So, Weaving the World Media decided to wait open the door to women’s voices.

In March, 2012, Weaving the World Media hosted a space for women, The Women’s Grassroots Women.

The women laid a new foundation for our country and for the world.

Here is my welcoming speech in laying the intent for the day.

What do you think? What to come on board? We know that you have something great to add!


Learn More:
    • The Standing Together website
    •  Weaving requires more than one strand on the loom and is even more delightful with a variety of colors and textures. Weaving is alchemy. Cooking is alchemy. Collaboration is alchemy. Magicians, alchemy, cause something very common to be transformed into a higher, magnificent form.
    • A Celtic Weaving song


What Can You Do?

  • Recipes and Alchemy
  • Copy and Tweet this message to your Twitter “Change the Agenda, Change the Outcome!, #culturalcreative, #wtwmedia, #womenleaders, #wcffg, #ows
  • Copy and share on Facebook: “Change the Agenda, Change the Outcome! Founding Mothers have spoken.
  • Invitation: Read the Living Declaration that the Founding Mothers created at the March 2012  Women’s Grassroots Congress 

Thanks to Kari Hillery for her marvelous music! One World Kari’s website

And thanks to you for being in the audience. Without you, Weaving the World would not exist!

About Sharon Riegie Maynard

Sharon Riegie Maynard, a radical researcher whose questions lead her to a unique view on the world and the role and men and women can play. She has raised 9 children, works in the unseen realms to impact our physical world with the TAG Matrix system, loves nature, music, art and reading great mystery novels.

Sharon is also the Host of Weaving the World and founderf Weaving the World Media. Weaving the World  shifts its focus to A Mystic’s View speaking the truth about our adventure, purpose, and mission. WTW has showcased women,  the Voices of the New World. Sleeping women have awakened and mountains are being moved to allow space for a new culture based on the values Mothers/Women hold sacred. Now, A Mystic’s View will show the foundation that has been buried for too long. It is the story within which we will manifest the world as we had Divinely intended.