How to Empower Your Employees


While empowering employees is great for morale and just the right thing to do, empowering employees also benefits your bottom-line.  How so?  As business owners, it is nearly impossible to hear, see, and know everything about your customers.  Each employee that has a touchpoint with your customer has a different perspective than you have.  They notice the little nuances better than you can because they work with your customers day in and day out.  Your sales staff knows what your customers’ buyers prefer when it comes to the ordering system.  Your billing staff knows now each customer’s accounts payable system works.

They know Sally in purchasing likes quick, to-the-point conversation and to not dawdle on the phone when talking with her.

They know Chip in engineering likes to check in on a weekly basis so they beat him to the punch with weekly reports.

You need to empower your employees so they share these vital details with you so that overall, your company can personalize and hone the perfect customer service strategy for each customer.  Listen for the three tips to help you do just this.


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